Should You Refinish or Replace your Bathtub in Chicago?

Should You Refinish or Replace your Bathtub in Chicago?

If the cost of a new bathtub is the same to refinish your existing tub, wouldn’t it make sense to just buy a new bathtub?

There is one flaw in that thought, while a new bathtub can cost as little as $500, you still have not paid for the installation. Getting your new bathtub into place is the most expensive part of bathtub replacement. That makes bathtub refinishing in Chicago the more economical option.

When replacing your bathtub, much of the cost is hidden or not considered by most homeowners. What are these hidden costs?

Will you be capable of physically removing the tub on your own, getting it out of the bathroom, down the stairs, and out the front door? Even if you can do all that, what is your disposal option? Bathtub resurfacing in Chicago does not leave you with these questions.
Even if you have solved those issues to remove your bathtub, you likely damaged some of the bathroom tiles. Plus, your existing plumbing may need retrofitting for your new tub. So suddenly you must hire a plumber and a tile repair professional and the costs keep rising on your new bathtub.
As you can see, it’s easy to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a bathtub replacement for a tub that costs only $500.

The alternative is a bathtub restoration in Chicago, but how long should a bathtub refinish last?
Once your bathtub resurfacing in Chicago is complete, it will be about as durable as a new tub. So if properly cared for, cleaned, and maintained, you can expect a bathtub restoration to last around 20 years, just as you expect a new tub would.

If you’re wondering if a refinished bathtub requires any special care, the answer is YES. A professionally handled bathtub resurfacing in Chicago will look, feel, and clean like a brand new tub. Make sure you only use mild, nonabrasive solvents without bleach when cleaning. Just like any new surface, the coating on your fresh bathtub restoration in Chicago can dull and lose its shine if you use the wrong bathroom cleansers.

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