Learn About Tile Reglazing Chicago, IL

Learn About Tile Reglazing Chicago, IL

The word reglaze might lead you to mistakenly believe that it involves bringing back the tile’s original glossy surface. When manufactured, tiles are subjected to a mixture of dyes and frit, and later exposed to temperatures up to 2,500 °F in kilns. Needless to say, this process cannot be replicated over tiles that have been installed.

The process of tile reglazing Chicago professionals offer consists of covering the tile and grout with a coat of a ceramic-like substance made out of a two-part liquid epoxy acrylic. Besides achieving a glossy finish, this substance will also protect the tiles against abrasion, scratching, and mold.

The product used for the tub and tile reglazing is so thick and heavy that it can be applied with a brush or roller without leaving marks thanks to its self-leveling properties. Even so, it is important to avoid passing the brush repeatedly to prevent streaks.

Reglazing can make tiles more resistant to impact and help maintain their color over time. Some advantages of reglazing bathroom tile Chicago homeowners often state is that tile removal isn’t necessary, and the process is inexpensive. However, some people don’t like that it covers the grout, the finishing might not be as tough as the original, and it can be difficult to achieve a perfectly smooth surface.

Do I Need To Reglaze My Tiles?
The best time for reglazing bathroom tile Chicago professionals recommend is while the tile is still in good condition. If tiles show signs of decay like cracks, or they are chipped or missing, the best advice is to replace them. It’s also important to consider that the tile refinishing Chicago residents can get is usually performed under a temperature between 50 to 90 ºF. Humidity should remain 85% to allow the material to properly dry.

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