Bathtubs Refinishing


APrefinishing offering Bathtubs Reglazing And Regrouting to make them look new again and is a cost-effective way to update sinks, tubs and bathroom tiles. Refinishing Bathtubs, Tiles, Sinks improves the value of the property and the resale value without tearing down walls.
Replacement not only involves buying new fixtures; to remove an old tub a customer needs to hire a licensed contractor that will replace the wall tile, tile floor and sub floor, plus pipes and hardware, which are damaged during removal of the tub. This process is time consuming and can run in to thousands of dollars. Our expert reglazing mechanics could transform an ugly fixture into a new non-porous, smooth glossy finish one, in a matter of hours.
With many years experience, Chicago Bathtubs Refinishing has been serving the entire Chicago area, with great bathtub reglazing for commercial and residential services for great prices.


Refinishing, Resurfacing, Restoration & Reglazing

The terms are used interchangeably and mean the same thing, a process to make old, worn-out porcelain fixtures, like bathtubs, sinks and ceramic tile, look new again. Chicago Bathtubs Reglazing and Restoration applies several layers of our exclusive and unique porcelain bonding material over the old surface. Our top quality reglazing products are backed by an unconditional guarantee. If damage occurs, which is highly unlikely, Chicago will repair the fixture at no extra charge to you.


Bathtub Refinishing Chicago, IL - FAQ

What to consider for bathtub refinishing in Chicago? 

For bathtub refinishing in Chicago, consider the project cost, the scope of the work, replacement items, labor, and installation. For professional work, contact us at AP Bathtub Refinishing.

How long does tub refinishing in Chicago last?

With proper maintenance, our tub refinishing in Chicago will last for decades. We can also refinish the bathtub whenever necessary.

How long before I can use my newly refinished bathtub in Chicago?

Wait for 24 hours before using it lightly.

Do I need to prepare anything for the bathtub refinishing in Chicago?

Clear the area and remove all toiletries and bathroom essentials so the contractor can work efficiently. Clean the area properly and limit the available surfaces where dust can settle during the work. This will reduce your cleaning time after. Have your leaking faucets and loose tiles or grout fixed before the actual bathtub refinishing in Chicago is performed. Also, make sure the tub water source and drainage are working properly. 

Bathtub Refinishing Chicago, IL - An Alternative to Buying a New Tub

Chicago’s AP Bathtub Refinishing is a bathtub refinishing company to call if you are thinking of refinishing your bathtubs. Choosing a tub refinishing option rather than purchasing a new tub has some advantages.

It Costs Less: New tubs can be costly and, in the long run, will last the same amount of time as a refinished tub. Our professional bathtub refinishing team has the skill and knowledge to do an excellent job- so don’t try to do it yourself.

It’s Less Destructive: Taking a tub out completely is going to create possible problems to your existing floor or wall coverings. You may be faced with a whole new tiling project. Much easier to call in our bathtub refinishing experts who will adequately seal the bathroom and then spray the tub inside and out. Also, why create more garbage for the already overloaded dump.

It’s Faster: You can be happily soaking in your refinished tub within 24 hours of it being painted in your favorite soothing color. So don’t hesitate, choose bathtub refinishing in Chicago.