The entire process usually takes between 3 to 5 hours.
Our professional refinishing procedures produce a result identical to the original finish. We use the most advanced technology and materials such as acrylic urethane to restore the high quality new look back to your tub.

Usually it takes up to 24 hours before a refinished tub can be used, at the customer’s request we do offer a premium service which allows for the bathtub to be used on the same day.

We can repair all imperfections and damages. We can fix individual cracks or chips and match any color so that there is no need to refinish the entire tub. For the fiberglass and acrylic tubs that may be cracked (even major cracks in the bottom of the tub) we offer a service that utilizes the newest INLAY technology to repair such damage.

It is basically the same process, simply named differently?

We offer a wide variety of colors, any color that you can possibly dream of we can apply on your bathtub.
Of course; however there is an additional step that is added to the procedure. The poorly applied previous layer has to be stripped down and removed before a new coat is applied.
Our specialists come to the worksite equipped with a highly advanced ventilation system which removes all unpleasant odors.
Modern technology provides high quality refinishing methods that are beautiful in appearance and very long lasting. This allows saving thousands of dollars which the replacing of a bathtub and consequently remodeling of a bathroom would require. It also allows you to keep old fashion iron-cast and claw foot tubs looking new at a very affordable cost. The refinishing process is also much faster and a lot less messy that the process of replacing a tub or remodeling a bathroom to fit a new tub.
The refinished tub can last for a very long time depending on the use and maintenance of the tub. We provide you with a 5 year warranty on our service.
Cleaning a refinished tub does not differ from cleaning a new tub, the only difference is that you cannot apply any bleach or powder cleaning products such as Comet, mild and non-abrasive cleaning products are recommended.
We offer a wide variety of refinishing services. We can refinish you old wall tiles to look like new, we can even apply a new color of your choice to your old tiles. Another superb service that we provide is the refinishing of old countertops with our Stone-Effect line of products. As we previously mentioned, we repair cracked bottoms of fiberglass tubs using the Inlay technology. Another wonderful and unique service that we offer for with regards to bathtubs is the Safeway Step for senior citizens and handicapped. We are partners and approved installers of Safeway Step.
Considering our years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers we are able to provide a service of the highest quality. We use the best technology that is available in the field of refinishing. We use acrylic urethane rather than cheaper materials such as epoxy that many refinishing companies use to lower their cost. Our expertise along with our constant stride for improvement and development has allowed us to learn and acquire the best methods and materials which result in the highest quality of service which we back up with our warranty.