Bathtub Reglazing Chicago, IL Explained

A recoating or refinishing that’s meant for purely cosmetic repair is called tub reglazing. This process will get rid of small surface imperfections and will make your tub look new again.

Here’s how it works.
AP Bathtube Reglazing Chicago experts will start by sanding down the surface of your tub. This process will remove any light scratches or stains present on the tub. After that, they’ll cover the tub in a coat of primer and paint. Depending on your tub’s condition, they may have to add multiple coats.

When the painting is done, our bathtub reglazing experts will start buffing.

Reglazing can transform a dingy and old bathtub, but some bathtubs need more help than a simple tub reglazing process. To learn more on how you can save and replace your tub, keep on reading.

When to Reglaze Your Tub
When your bathtub is in good working condition, it’s worth saving. Tub reglazing Chicago can restore your bathtub into the beautiful, smooth surface it once was.

Now, your tub can’t be too far gone. Here’s how you can know if reglazing is the right option for your tub.

Throughout the years, your bathtub will start to stain. Whether you clean it regularly or not, you’ll still have to deal with weird, yellowish discoloration at some point.

Shallow Scratches
Bathtub reglazing will fill in small and shallow scratches as well as refill most cracks.

However, it wouldn’t be best to reglaze a tub when there are one or more major cracks. These cracks can damage the structural integrity of your tub that can cause leaks. At this point, it’s best to replace the bathtub altogether.

Tight Budget
Tub reglazing Chicago is more affordable than buying a new tub since you don’t have to invest money in the purchase.

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