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Bathtub Refinishing, Tile Reglazing & Countertop Refinishing in Mount Prospect, IL at its Best

Rely on AP Bathtub Refinishing near me in Mount Prospect to recapture the beauty of your kitchen or bathroom without a pricey renovation. Try our bathtub refinishing, countertop resurfacing, and tile reglazing in Mount Prospect rather than a demolition that can’t make use of all the materials found in your kitchen or bathroom. AP Bathtub Refinishing near me in Mount Prospect is the greatest alternative that values your money and time to give those old counters, tiles, tubs, sinks, and floors the great look you’re after.
For large or small spaces with many pieces that need help or just one, AP Bathtub Refinishing can handle it all for your commercial kitchen or residential bathroom.
Refresh your colors with a tub resurfacing in Mount Prospect as we add tile refinishing too. Make cracks and rust a thing of the past. For expert reglazing, AP Bathtub Refinishing in Mount Prospect is here for you with low-cost services.