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The Highest Quality Bathtub Refinishing, Tile Reglazing & Countertop Refinishing in Des Plaines, IL

At AP Bathtub Refinishing near me in Des Plaines, we rejuvenate your kitchen or bathroom without a high-priced renovation. We prefer bathtub refinishing, countertop resurfacing, and tile reglazing in Des Plaines. Instead of a demolition and wasting all that useful material in your kitchen or bathroom, AP Bathtub Refinishing in Des Plaines has the alternative to help you save money and time. We will give those old counters, tiles, tubs, sinks, and floors a fresh new appearance.
Regardless of whether your space is large or small, has multiple pieces that need attention or just one, a commercial kitchen, or a residential bathroom, our team can make it new again fast and to your expected standards.
Change your color pallet with a tub resurfacing in Des Plaines and add a tile refinishing too. Let us take care of any cracks or rust that you find. The reglazing experts at AP Bathtub Refinishing in Des Plaines can save you money on a beautiful finish.

Capabilities Of AP Bathtub Refinishing Des Plaines, IL

Don’t let your stained, dull, and inefficient fixtures ruin your bathroom’s appeal. AP Bathtub Refinishing near me in Des Plaines provides bathtub reglazing, tile reglazing, countertop refinishing and bathtub crack repair to save you a lot more money of replacement. With our skilled and professional team in Des Plaines, you will achieve the same effect as you would with new fixtures without spending too much. Most of the time, we can quickly repair stains, scratches, chips on many parts of your bathroom in less than a day and leave you satisfied with the result.

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Bath refinishing near me in Des Plaines, tile reglazing, and countertop resurfacing does not require you to purchase a new tub and install it. With our services in Des Plaines, you can get a new, fresh bathroom for an affordable price.

Fast and Efficient

Bathroom renovation takes a lot of time than doing reglazing or refinishing. Our services are quick, easy, and can be completed in a few days.

Expert Contractors

Our contractors in Des Plaines use the most efficient method, and materials available to renew your bathroom. We are trained and highly skilled in all the areas of our services offered.


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